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Norwegian Upper-Intermediate

Norwegian Upper-Intermediate is for those who want to be more independent when communicating in Norwegian. The course prepares you for a higher level test in Norwegian (the Bergen test).

Language teaching is undertaken using a communicative method. Participants are challenged to use the language actively in practical, everyday situations, with plenty of opportunities to practice and repeat. The aim is that participants quickly gain confidence using the language.

 Folkeuniversitetet is an officially recognized provider of tuition. Hours undertaken in our Norwegian courses are approved by the UDI in applications for a permanent residence permit.



CEFR levelB2
Price4 450,- to 6 800,-
Norskkurs Bergenstest

About the course

In this course you learn

At this level, you build upon the knowledge you acquired in the previous Norwegian courses. This includes: being able to participate in conversations using language spontaneously and fluently in a way that communication with native speakers is not tiring for either party.

In this course, training areas include:

• comparing what is typically Norwegian with the homeland of participants

• description of admission requirements, scholarships and student loans at universities and colleges

• discussion of current social topics such as energy production and Equality

• text production.

This is a study level B2. The individual courses may include all or part of the curriculum. For more detailed description of learning objectives, see the

CEFR chart ( 198 kB )


Who is the course for

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced Norwegian is suitable for those who have some Norwegian from before - corresponding to Norwegian B1-2 levels, and who want to learn more about Norwegian language and society.  It also helps participants to prepare for an official state test in higher level Norwegian (the Bergen test).

If you are unsure whether this course is the right level for you, take a free, automated level test on our website


Instruction consists of listening exercises, group work, role play, oral exercises / conversation, presentations and homework. The courses can be taken as ordinary classroom teaching, online teaching or a combination of these.


Our teachers have training in teaching Norwegian and/or Norwegian as a Second Language (NSL). They also have experience in Teaching Norwegian for language minorities.


You receive a diploma if you have attended 75% of classes and paid the course fee.

Where to now?

After your Upper Intermediate Norwegian course (CEFR level B2) you should be able to take the higher level Norwegian test (Bergen test).  

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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