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Norwegian for beginners - online with Lingua Planet

Norwegian for beginners with Lingua Planet is a complete, net-based course for those who wish to gain a strong foundation and practical introduction to Norwegian.

The course is flexible - you can learn when and where best suits you; at home, at work or while travelling. You decide the pace and place for the course. Through your digital learning platform, Lingua Planet, and your personal, experienced net-teacher, this course provides you with a fast and effective path to competency in Norwegian.

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CEFR levelA1
Price4 650

About the course

In this course you learn

  • to understand and use basic vocabulary, expressions and standard phrases
  • to present yourself and others
  • to form and respond to personal questions about where you live, friends and possessions
  • to express yourself using appropriate grammar

In this course you will receive:

  • 20 weeks Lingua Planet access
  • your own, private net-teacher
  • with a completed course you receive 42 hours officially accredited by UDI
  • 6 individual meetings with your teacher using Skype (30 minutes per meeting)
  • thorough feedback from your teacher on required written work submitted (3 texts)
  • everything is web based - no installation required!

Who is the course for?

Norwegian for beginners A1 is for those with no or little previous experience with Norwegian, and who want a basic, foundational introduction to the language. The course is adjustable for those who want/need some flexibility in the learning focus areas.

Course Implementation

The course consists of a combination of one-to-one online lessons and extensive self-study options using our online learning platform, Lingua Planet. On Lingua Planet you can practice and develop your writing skills, vocabulary and grammar. The program contains both listening, reading and writing tasks. Additionally through Skype, you get the opportunity to practice the language and receive guidance for further progression. Further to this, your online teacher gives you rich and thorough feedback on your written submissions during the course.


All our online Norwegian courses have skilled and experienced online teachers that provide individual and personalized tutoring throughout the course. Additionally, all teachers have Norwegian as their mother tongue and high competence in the language.


After the course, you can take the first level accredited test in Norwegian. In addition, you receive a diploma if a minimum of 75 % of the course is completed.

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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