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Norwegian Pre-intermediate

This is a Norwegian course for those who want to strengthen and develop the basic skills they have in Norwegian from before, and for those who want to take Norwegian sample A1-A2. The course is on level A2 of the Council of Europe level scale.

Language teaching is undertaken using a communicative method. Participants are challenged to use the language actively in practical, everyday situations, with plenty of opportunities to practice and repeat. The aim is that participants quickly gain confidence using the language.

Folkeuniversitetet is an officially recognized provider of tuition. Hours undertaken in our Norwegian courses are approved by the UDI in applications for a permanent residence permit.



CEFR levelA2
Price4 800,- to 8 150,-
Norwegian language course

About the course

In this course you learn

To communicate orally as well as read and write and develop independent learning strategies for acquiring basic skills in Norwegian. After the course you will be able to:

• speak and write about personal matters and general topics.

• describe yourself and your surroundings, your education and your work.

• communicate in simple situations about familiar topics

• express desires, emotions and commitment

• hold a conversation about family, housing and personal finance

• describe health, illness and disease; make an appointment with the doctor

• Reading simple texts and personal letters.

• Write about simple personal experiences and everyday events

• Use basic grammatical structures appropriately in the above functions.

The learning goals above, apply to all of Pre-intermediate level A2. Courses can cover all or part of the curriculum framework.  There are also Pre-intermediate courses covering different, individual competency areas; at this level. See course overview and

CEFR chart ( 198 kB )

for more detailed outlines of learning objectives for A2 level.

Who is the course for?

Pre-intermediate Norwegian is suitable for those who have some Norwegian from before - corresponding to Norwegian A1 levels, and who want to learn more about Norwegian language and society. The course prepares you for the national Norwegian test, A1-A2 level.

If you are unsure whether this course is the right level for you, you can take a free, automated level test on our website.


Instruction consists of listening exercises, group work, role play, oral exercises / conversation, presentations and homework. The courses can be taken as ordinary classroom teaching, online teaching or a combination of these. 


Our teachers have training in teaching Norwegian and/or Norwegian as a Second Language (NSL). They also have experience in Teaching Norwegian for language minorities.


You receive a diploma if you have attended 75% of classes and paid the course fee. After level A2 you may take Norskprøve A1-A2. More information at

Where to now?

After Pre-intermediate Norwegian we recommend you take Norwegian for Intermediate learners (level B1). Following the first two courses you can take the Norwegian test A1-A2. For more information, see Pre-intermediate Norwegian takes you through Norwegian level A2, and prepares you for level B1.

The language requirement to seek permanent residency and / or Norwegian citizenship is level A2.

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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