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English for Professionals (B2)

This course is designed for those students who must master English as a working language. Here you will learn to express yourself in a formal and professional manner, both verbally and in writing.

About the course

You will learn

In this course you will learn to use English as a working language, both practically and professionally. Your confidence and fluency will improve as you practice English in different work-related situations such as:

  • Participating in negotiations
  • Presenting the business you work in
  • Presenting a product
  • Participating in web conferencing
  • Communicating with international customers and partners
  • Talking about articles from various media sources, including business-oriented publications
  • Producing business letters, formal emails, power point presentations and meeting-summaries


This course focuses on spoken English and takes place in ordinary or online classrooms (over the course of 10 sessions). Teaching takes place in small groups and consists of various exercises that require a large amount of student participation. Written proficiency is achieved through tasks available on our learning platform. You will receive individual feedback from your teacher on written assignments, along with close supervision and personal guidance in the classroom.


All teachers have university-level qualifications and/or pedagogical degrees, along with teaching experience. All teachers have either English as their native language or an equivalent proficiency level. In addition to teaching English, our teachers also foster friendly learning environments and work actively to motivate students.

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English for Professionals (B2)

Dette er et engelskkurs for deg som må beherske engelsk som arbeidsspråk på en profesjonell og formell måte. Du lærer å bruke språket mer korrekt og presist og med et rikere ordforråd. Undervisningen foregår i virtuelt klasserom. Du deltar via egen PC uansett hvor du bor.

Teaching method:
Virtual classroom
Total price:
17.30 - 20.15