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English course: Pre-intermediate level (A2)

In English Pre-intermediate level (A2), you will build on the basic knowledge you acquired at the beginner level. At this level, you will broaden your vocabulary and develop a greater understanding of English grammar. The course will focus on spoken English so that you can more securely understand and eventually master basic language situations in English.



Price2 600,- to 6 290,-

About the course

In this course you will learn:

  • sentences and common phrases related to the main areas of daily life, such as family, shopping, community and working life
  • words and phrases used in explaining opinions, plans and actions
  • to manage simple conversations on familiar and routine matters
  • to describe aspects of your background in simple terms
  • to read and write simple texts on familiar topics

(The learning goals above apply to the entire A2 level. Depending on which region of Norway you select, individual courses can either cover the entire A2 level or different parts of this level. Please see course overview below.)

Who is this course for?

English Pre-intermediate level (A2) is suitable for those who already have a knowledge of English equivalent to English: Elementary Level A1. At this point you:

  • have mastered basic words, expressions and phrases
  • can introduce yourself and others
  • can ask and answer personal questions about friends, possessions, and residency
  • can master quite simple conversations about everyday topics, given that the person speaks slowly and clearly

If you are unsure if this level is right for you, please take our free placement test here


At Folkeuniversitetet, we use the "communicative approach", which is a learner focused teaching method. This means that we place strong emphasis on communication, interaction and language use in everyday situations. 

The exercises utilize authentic, relevant topics and texts and a variety of communicative tasks such as problem solving, explaining, pair and group work, and role playing. This knowledge can be transferred to real situations you typically come across when you are travelling abroad or using the target language in other context.


All teachers are tertiary level (university level) qualified in languages and/or education and are experienced in the field of education. All teachers have either English as their native language or an equivalent proficiency level. In addition to conveying information, our teachers also foster friendly learning environments and work actively to motivate students.


All participants who attend 75% or more of class time, receive a course certificate. After completing English Pre-intermediate (A2), you are qualified to take the TELC exam, an internationally recognized language proficiency test.

Where to now?

After English Pre-intermediate (A2), we recommend that you take English Intermediate level (B1) so that you can attain the B1 level.

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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