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English course: Advanced level (C1)

This is an advanced English course for those who want to master written and oral English. After completing this level, you will be able to use the language in a spontaneous, nuanced and appropriate fashion, both in social and professional contexts.

About the course

In this course you will learn:

  • to understand a wide range of longer, demanding texts and recognize messages that are not explicitly stated
  • to express yourself fluently and spontaneously without struggling
  • to use English flexibly and appropriately in social, academic and occupational contexts
  • to write clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex subjects and demonstrate that you've mastered various sentence patterns, linking words an transition markers
  • to take detailed notes from a lecture or a meeting so precise that they can be of benefit to others

(The learning goals above apply to the entire C1 level. Depending on which region of Norway you select, individual courses can either cover the entire C1 level or different parts of this level. Please see course overview below.)


At Folkeuniversitetet, we use the "communicative approach", which is a learner focused teaching method. This means that we place strong emphasis on communication, interaction and language use in everyday situations. 

The exercises utilize authentic, relevant topics and texts and a variety of communicative tasks such as problem solving, explaining, pair and group work, and role playing. This knowledge can be transferred to real situations you typically come across when you are travelling abroad or using the target language in other context.


All teachers are tertiary level (university level) qualified in languages and/or education and are experienced in the field of education. All teachers have either English as their native language or an equivalent proficiency level. In addition to conveying information, our teachers also foster friendly learning environments and work actively to motivate students.


All participants who attend 75% or more of class time, receive a course certificate. After completing English Advanced level (C1), you are qualified to take the Cambridge English: advanced (CAE) exam.

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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Engelskkurs høyere nivå - én-til-én samtale- og skrivetrening (C1) - nettbasert

Kurset består av seks individuelle Skype-møter med lærer og utforming av fire tekster (ca. 400-450 ord, én A4-side)i ulike sjangere. Framdrift for kurset avtales med læreren på første Skype-møte. Du kan følge ditt eget tempo og fordype deg i det du har mest bruk for. Du får tilbakemelding og skriveråd på innleverte oppgaver. Du må regne med å sette av to til tre timer til hver oppgave. Skype-møter med lærer legger vekt på interaksjon og forbedring av muntlige ferdigheter. Kurset kan starte når det passer deg.

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