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English Course: Net-based Course on Writing in English (B1/B2)

This is an online writing course for those who wish to write English more flexibly and efficiently. Throughout the course you will develop your vocabulary and learn to express your written English more precisely, especially in terms of structure, grammar and spelling.

About the course

You will learn:

  • Grammatical structures, syntax and spelling
  • To design personal texts, particularly relating to areas of interest and leisure time
  • To summarize and evaluate information and arguments from a variety of sources
  • To make written presentations within a wide range of general topics and to develop ideas with sub-points and relevant examples

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those who wish to strengthen their written English. In order to draw the most benefit from this course, you should have prior knowledge equivalent to at least intermediate level (B1) according to the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR). 


This course starts with a brief introductory Skype meeting where you will meet your online teacher and establish a course plan. From there you can follow your own pace completing the set writing tasks. You will receive supervision and support from your teacher as the course progresses. This course will familiarize you with different writing genres and styles in English while working with your grammar and accuracy.

During the course you will complete six texts (each appx. 1 - 1.5 pages in length) in the form of formal and informal letters, summaries of more comprehensive texts, reports, essays or similar. You receive feedback and writing advice on submitted assignments.

You should set aside at least two to four hours for each text.


All teachers have university-level qualifications and/or pedagogical degrees, along with teaching experience. All teachers have either English as their native language or an equivalent proficiency level. In addition to teaching English, our teachers also foster friendly learning environments and work actively to motivate students.

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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Engelskkurs mellomnivå/høyere mellomnivå - skrivetrening (B1/B2)

Kurset består av et nettmøte med lærer og utforming av seks tekster (ca. 400-450 ord, én A4-side) i ulike sjangere. Framdrift for kurset avtales med læreren på Skype-møte. Du kan følge ditt eget tempo og fordype deg i det du har mest bruk for. Kurset kan starte når det passer deg.

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