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Academic and Professional English – netbased

Academic and Professional English is an English course tailored to your needs. You will receive your own personal teacher and one-to-one instruction adapted to your specifications and learning goals. This course is suitable for those who have a strong control of English and wish to further develop their communication skills, particularly their written abilities.



CEFR levelC1
Price7 250,-

About the course

In this course you learn

This course will teach you to design longer texts (either personal or professional) for use in work or study contexts. You will broaden your vocabulary and hone your accuracy and expressive abilities in written English, focusing on:

  • Language usage
  • Fluency
  • Accuracy
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Grammar

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for those who use English in a work-related context, particularly those writing articles, holding lectures, giving presentations, or performing similar tasks. This course is also suitable for students who must write longer written assignments in English, for example bachelor or masters dissertations. You should have a prior knowledge of English equivalent to the “B2” level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The course program will be developed with your teacher during the first Skype session. You can follow your own pace and develop those areas most relevant to your needs. Your teacher will provide constant support and follow-up. You can also work with different writing styles and genres.

During the course of this class, you will deliver eight texts (two to three A4 pages each - about 1,000 words) that are related to the subject you are studying or working on. You can choose the theme and type of text (article, lecture, presentation, school assignment, etc.). You will receive constructive feedback and guidance on these papers.

Should you wish it, these written assignments can be substituted with online meetings. This course then becomes a tailored conversation course with personalized one-to-one instruction via online meetings.  

These online meetings can take place at our Oslo offices, should you prefer to meet up in person.


Our teachers have training in teaching English and/or Englisk as a Second Language. They also have experience in Teaching English.

Questions? Please contact one of our course centers.

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