Test of Norwegian - advanced level, written

Test of Norwegian - advanced level, is prepared and administered by Norsk språktest, a joint initiative between The University of Bergen and Folkeuniversitetet. Both the written and oral tests are held independently on different dates, three times a year.

The written test is designed for foreigners who intend to apply for admission to a Norwegian university or college, as well as for Norwegian citizens who have graduated from secondary schools abroad and for job-applicants in Norway (e.g. medical practitioners, native language teachers, and those who are required to document their Norwegian language skills).

At the time of writing. those who have Swedish or Danish as their native language, and who have fulfilled the basic admission requirements in their homeland, may apply for regular degree studies on the same basis as Norwegian students. They are not required to take this test. Please contact the relevant institution for more information.

Test format
Candidates are tested in reading (case-oriented texts), listening (short conversations played on a CD), writing a summary of an interview (played on a CD), as well as in grammar, and writing a case-oriented text on a given topic.
In all, the test itself takes around 6 hours. Candidates should take this into consideration when booking tickets etc.
The test is divided into two main parts: Part 1 (sections 1, 2, and 3) and Part 2 (sections 4 and 5). There is a 20-30 minute break between the two parts, depending on the number of candidates.

Part 1:
Section 1 Reading comprehension
Section 2 Listening comprehension – dialogues and short announcements (played on a CD)
Section 3 Summary writing (of an interview played on a CD)

Part 2:
Section 4 Grammar, vocabulary and expressions
Section 5 Writing - composition

Section 1 Reading comprehension, corrected in accordance with key

Section 2 Listening comprehension, corrected in accordance with key

Section 3 Summary writing, assessed qualitatively according to the following criteria:
Imparting: How clearly the candidate manages to express what has been said
Content: How many of the given elements are correctly reproduced
Structure: How clear and well-structured the candidate writes
Vocabulary and expressions: How wide and nuanced the vocabulary is, and how precisely it is used
Grammar: How complex and varied the sentence structure is, and how accurate the word order and the inflections are
Spelling and punctuation: How accurate the spelling and punctuation are
All the three main parts, Imparting, Content and Language have to be passed in order to receive a “Pass” on section 3.

Section 4 Grammar, vocabulary and expressions, corrected in accordance with key

Section 5 Writing - composition, assessed qualitatively according to the following criteria:
Imparting: How objectively and accurately the issue is presented, and how clearly the candidate passes on and argues for her/his own point of view
Structure: To which extent the text is coherent and well-structured
Vocabulary and expressions: How broad and nuanced the vocabulary is, and how precisely it is used
Grammar: How accurate the sentence structure and inflexions are, and to which extent variations of phrases and subordinate clauses are used
Spelling and punctuation: How accurate the spelling and punctuation are
All the five criteria are of equal importance.
Test result
The formerly used scoring system (150-700 points) has been replaced with the following grades: “Fail” (Ikke bestått), “Pass” (Bestått) and “High Pass” (Godt bestått). The test and its grading system are now closely related to the European framework for languages (CEFR), in Norwegian referred to as Rammeverket.
Individual section scores:
A "Pass" (Bestått) for each of the test sections corresponds to approximately level B2, while "High Pass" (Godt bestått) corresponds approximately to level C1.
Overall score
To achieve a “Pass” as a final result, candidates need to get a “Pass” on all five test sections.
To achieve a “High Pass” as a final result, candidates need to get a “High Pass” on at least three out of the five test sections.
This means that a “Pass” as an overall score indicates that a candidate is approximately on level B2, while a “High Pass” as an overall score is equivalent to level B2, C1 or better.
Test Certificate:
On the other side of the Test Certificate, there are descriptions of each of the levels of proficiency, represented by the various grades.
The Test Certificate will be sent by post to candidates six to eight weeks after the test date. It is not possible to receive the test results earlier than the specified date.
Test result requirements
The generally accepted test score of 450 points was replaced by a “Pass” (Bestått) in 2009. However, this is a decision made by the respective institutions and employers. They determine which result a candidate must have achieved in order to qualify for studies or work. Contact the respective institutions/employers for more information.

Enquiry on results
Candidates have the right to apply for a re-mark (Enquiry on Results) of test section 3 (Summary) and 5 (Composition). It is not possible to submit an Enquiry on results for those test sections that are corrected in accordance with key. These sections will however be also checked when candidates apply for a re-mark.
A re-mark application can take up to three (3) weeks to process.
Information about the Enquiry on Results process will appear next to the results in the candidate's profile online, if the candidate has the right to appeal.

The test is held at the following locations, provided that a sufficient number of candidates have registered:

Additional test locations for the test in April / May:
Alta, Bodø, Hamar, Førde

Registration and practical information
Test fee: 1950 NOK for the written test
Test registration is binding and must be completed on the internet
NB! Make sure you check for the desired language variant: bokmål or nynorsk.
For registration click here!
Cancelling your registration
Candidates will lose their full test fee unless they are able to provide valid medical documentation if they are absent on the day of the test. Refunds are provided with the deduction of an administrative fee of NOK 900,-. Medical documentation must be sent no later than one week after the test date to: Folkeuniversitetet - Norsk språktest, Chr. Krohgs gate 34, 0186 Oslo

Taking the Test of Norwegian - advanced level abroad
Candidates can take the test outside Norway, provided that a Norwegian embassy, a consulate or a university with a senior lecturer in Norwegian is willing to administer the test.
Those who wish to take the test abroad must contact Folkeuniversitetet – Norsk språktest by sending an e-mail to bergenstesten@fu.no
Candidates will receive further information after the application is processed.
The fee for a test abroad is NOK 3500, - which is paid to Folkeuniversitetet – Norsk språktest in Oslo before the final registration deadline.
All fees, postage and any other expenses that the testing institution may have, are paid by the candidate.
The test abroad is held twice a year, in April and October.
Practice materials
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