Test of Norwegian - advanced level, speaking

Test of Norwegian - advanced level, is prepared and administered by Norsk språktest, a joint initiative between The University of Bergen and Folkeuniversitetet. Both the written and oral tests are held independently on different dates, three times a year.

The Speaking test in Norwegian - advanced level, has been designed mainly for healthcare workers and other foreigners, who are required to document their Norwegian speaking skills at advanced level, when applying for studies or a job in Norway.

The test is administered three times a year, independent of the written test, which is held on different dates. Candidates are not required to have attended a particular course/class, or to have studied a specific curriculum before taking the speaking test. The test consists of three parts, which measure different aspects of spoken language.

Candidates are assessed on their general oral language skills and the ability to communicate in Norwegian at an advanced level:

The ability to understand spoken language in interactive situations: instructions, questions, explanations, standpoints
The ability to describe, explain, express opinions and give reasons for own opinions on a specific matters
The ability to communicate and interact, keep the conversation going and respond appropriately
The ability to use various language functions such as: describe and explain, discuss an issue, express views or standpoints, and account for own opinions

Pronunciation: the extent to which candidates master pronunciation of individual sounds, correct use of emphasis in words and phrases, and intonation that characterises Norwegian pronunciation

Grammar and vocabulary: the extent to which candidates are able to use different grammatical structures, broad and varied vocabulary and idiomatic expressions

Fluency: the extent to which candidates manage to express themselves spontaneously and without any extra effort
Candidates get to choose between two topics.
The candidate will be shown photographs that illustrate the selected topic, and asked to describe these. TIME: 1-2 min.
The candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to describe the situation and people in the photographs.
The candidate is given a statement, which is related to the selected topic, written on a card. The examiner reads it aloud. The candidate is then asked to express whether he/she agrees or disagrees with the given statement and give reasons for his/her own views.

TIME: The candidate has a couple of minutes to prepare before speaking at length for up to 3 minutes.
This is a task in independent oral production. The candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to talk coherently about a given subject. The examiner interferes only if the candidate is having difficulties, or if it is taking him/her too long to get started. The examiner may challenge the candidate by asking him/her to elaborate on something he/she has said.
The examiner initiates a conversation with the candidate about the chosen topic. The candidate is asked to elaborate on or explain something he/she has already said. The examiner may introduce new elements that the candidate is required to take a stand on, or challenge the candidate to expand on his/her own statements or opinions.

TIME: 6-8 minutes
If the examiners feel they have insufficient grounds for assessing the candidate's performance, they can give the candidate an additional task.
The candidate is shown a graph/illustration and has to answer three questions about it. The candidate needs to demonstrate that he/she can respond spontaneously to the questions, based on the information contained in the graph/illustration. The difficulty increases with each question, as the first requires a description of information, while the remaining two questions require some reflection and ability to express own opinions.
There are two certified examiners present at the speaking test. One of them is in charge of the test, interacting with the candidate. The assessment is the external examiner’s main responsibility.
The candidate's oral skills are assessed according to criteria that are based on descriptions in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The old scoring system (150-700 points) has been replaced with the following grades: “Fail” (Ikke bestått), “Pass” (Bestått) and “High Pass” (Godt bestått). ”Pass” now equals 500 points, while ”High pass” equals 600 points used in the past.

Make sure you check with your institution or employer what result/grade is required in order to be admitted.
About two (2) weeks after the test date, an accredited Test Certificate is issued and sent to candidates by Folkeuniversitetet – Norsk språktest. On the back of the Test Certificate, there are descriptions of each of the levels of proficiency, represented by the various grades.

Test fee: NOK 950,-

Cancelling your registration
Candidates will lose their full test fee unless they are able to provide valid medical documentation if they are absent on the day of the test. Refunds are provided with the deduction of an administrative fee of NOK 500,-. Medical documentation must be sent no later than one week after the test date to: Folkeuniversitetet - Norsk språktest, Chr. Krohgs gate 34, 0186 Oslo