Taking the test abroad

It is possible, but not a right, for those living outside of Norway to take the test abroad.

  • The test can only be taken abroad twice a year, in March/April and October, and as close as possible to the corresponding test date in Norway April 10th 2021 (April 10th-April 15th) and October 16th (October 16th-October 21st).
  • The test can be taken at a Norwegian embassy, consulate, the Norwegian Seamen's Mission, and even at a few universities: BFSU in Beijing, University of Beograd, University of Zürich and the University of Gdańsk.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to contact the foreign mission and ask if they are able to run the test, and supply the foreign mission with the correct information about the test from our website ('Informasjon til potesiell testarrangør').
  • The test fee is NOK 3500,–. All other fees and charges that the foreign mission charges must be met by the candidate.

How to apply for the test abroad

If you wish to take the test abroad, please read the following information carefully (in Norwegian):

You can only register for the test abroad by filling out and sending us the following forms to Bergenstesten@fu.no:

Please note that the 'Bekreftelse fra testarrangør' form must be signed by a representative from the foreign mission, and not by the candidate.


Please note that the deadline for the test abroad is earlier than the test in Norway:

The Test in April 2021:

March 1st

The Test in October 2021:

September 1st

Please read all the information in the above documents before you contact us. If you still have questions you can contact us by sending an email to bergenstesten@fu.no