Taking the test abroad

Please read all the information you find on this page and in the documents below. If you have further questions, please contact us at bergenstesten@fu.no

Test in Norwegian - higher level (Bergenstesten) can be arranged at approved test locations abroad. The written test can be held at an approved Norwegian foreign service mission such as Embassies, Consulates or Norwegian “Sjømannskirker”.   In addition, Beijing University of Foreign Languages ​​(BFSU / Beiwai), University of Belgrade, University of Basel, University of Gdansk and UNED Dénia are approved test centres.

The oral test can be conducted at any of the locations above, in addition to foreign public universities, embassies, and consulates, and approved British Council Test Centres.

  • Written tests abroad are held twice a year, in April and September.
  • From 2021, you need to take both the written AND oral tests to cover the admission requirements for universities and colleges in Norway.

Written test

Test sites abroad must hold the test within the following time periods:

Between Friday, 23rd of September and Tuesday the 27th of September inclusive. (In the map on the website and when registering, there will be a fixed date 23rd of September – please check with your local test centre for the actual date of the test in your location)

The written test fee is NOK 3500, -

Application deadline for the test on 23rd of September 2022: 28th of August 2022

Oral test

Test locations abroad must hold the test on the following days:

Monday 26th of September or Wednesday 28th of September.

The test is held via Zoom at the test site.

The oral test fee is NOK 1500, -

Application deadline for the test in September 2022: 28th of August 2022

How to register:

  1. Read the following information about tests abroad carefully: Informasjon til kandidater i utlandet
  2. Contact the the desired test location with a request to sit the test. They will need to read the Information for potential Test Centres  carefully  and be able to conduct the test in accordance with the guidelines.
  3. Ask the Test centre to complete the Confirmation from Test Centre  and send this to bergenstesten@fu.no 
  4. Once the test location has confirmed that they can arrange the test for you, you can sign up for the test online and pay here. There is separate registration for the written and oral tests. Select test location "Utland".
  5. Send Søknadsskjema for kandidaten  to bergenstesten@fu.no  Remember to state the test location.


Please note that the deadline for the test abroad is earlier than the test in Norway:

The Test in April 2022:

March 9th

The Test in September 2022:

August 28th