External examinations

Students during exam.

Take your exams near to home!

Are you studying abroad or somewhere other than where you live? Folkeuniversitetet offers external examinations in all our premises throughout Norway. This means that you don’ have to travel far to take your your exams.

Our prices in 2021

  • Exams up to 2 hours - NOK 1600
  • Exams up to 4 hours - NOK 2000
  • Exams up to 6 hours - NOK 2500

* Postage for returning the exam scripts to your place of study will incur additional charges (this applies especially to foreign institutions)

You are responsible for ensuring that the college / university has approved that the exam can be taken externally.

Both private individuals and schools can take advantage of the offer. Colleges and universities that have groups of students who are going to take an exam can contact us for a tailored group price.

If you would like more information, please contact us at e-mail testing@folkeuniversitetet.no