COVID-19 virus

Courses and education

Folkeuniversitetet shall run regular classroom teaching and online teaching or teaching in virtual classrooms in the Spring semester. Admission is as per normal, though there remain a limited number of places in classroom teaching; in accordance with current infection control regulations. Further, for infection control reasons, we reserve the right to make changes in classroom teaching plans should arrangements need to be postponed or moved to a virtual classroom for a short or longer period.

Infection control

Folkeuniversitetet follows advice from the authorities and conducts courses in line with the Directorate of Education's guidelines on infection control for upper secondary and adult education school arrangements during the COVID-19 outbreak 2021. This means, among other things, more frequent cleaning of classrooms as well as availability of hand and surface disinfectants in classrooms and common areas. In the event of an infection situation, we will provide ongoing information.

We request that all course participants / students follow the health authorities' guidelines for infection control with regard to COVID-19.

This means, among other things, that participants must:

  1. keep a distance at all time from others of at least one meter
  2. ensure good hand hygiene by using appropriate hand disinfection procedures on the way in and out of our premises
  3. wash hands often and thoroughly.
  4. If a person has to cough or sneeze, please make sure to do this in a paper towel (which is thrown away afterwards) or in the hook of the elbow if a paper towel is not readily available.

Please do not come to school if:

  1. you have mild respiratory symptoms and / or malaise. (Stay home until you have been symptom-free for one day).
  2. you or someone you live with or have close contact with someone who has become ill or has developed symptoms of COVID-19. Contact your municipality / local doctor / health office for advice and see advice and guidelines for possible quarantine at
  3. you have confirmed COVID-19. In case of confirmed infection, you must be in isolation according to current advice and guidelines at Also notify your local office at Folkeuniversitetet by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible.
  4. you are in close contact with, (or a member of your household has close contact with), a person with a confirmed COVID-19. Close contact with an infected person triggers a quarantine obligation. See advice and guidelines at

If you have any questions, we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact.