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  • Loyalty discount for Norwegian Courses in Oslo region

    We appreciate your return custom for our Norwegian courses! To show our appreciation, we are offering a special loyalty rate for frequent Norwegian course customers.

  • Historie

    «Gaa foran! Det er Kravet.Gaa foran al din Tid!Gaa foran, hvor det gjælder,I Norges Ungdoms Strid!»

  • Online Norwegian Courses

    Learn Norwegian from anywhere you want with our digital courses! Read more...

  • Øst (Oslo, Bærum, Follo, Romerike og Østfold)

    In 2014, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of Folkeuniversitetet Øst, originally called The Students' Organization for Free Education. While there have been major changes since 1864, the 11 000 students who annually participate in our courses and programs indicate that we are still an indispensable educational institution. We know from student feedback that we play an important role in many people's lives - whether it involves learning new languages, exploring their creativity, acquiring formal certification or pursuing a higher education.We are there for those who need to refresh their knowledge and seek new opportunities. We are there for those who are moving towards a goal. Folkeuniversitetet is a nonprofit organization. All proceeds go towards developing new educational programs so that we can continue to meet our foremost goal: to make knowledge and opportunities available for everyone.Our locations:OsloMain Office and course locationRolf Wickstrøms vei 15, 0484 OsloP.O. Box 4293 Nydalen, 0402 Oslo+47 22 47 60 00 document.write( '' ); info.ost@folkeuniversitetet.no document.write( '' ); How to get to our location in Rolf Wickstrømsvei 15, NydalenCourse Location:Hersleb videregående skoleHerslebs gate 20B0561 OsloCourse location:Majorstuen skoleBogstadveien 740366 OsloCourse location:Marienlyst skoleBlindernveien 120361 OsloRomerikeAdministration and course locationHelsebyggetDamsagsveien 22000 Lillestrøm+47 22 47 60 00info.ost@folkeuniversitetet.noFolloAdministration and course locationJernbaneveien 21400 Ski+47 22 47 60 00info.ost@folkeuniversitetet.noBærumCourse locationBekkestua skoleFalkeveien 141357 BekkestuaCourse locationSandvika videregående skoleElias Smiths vei 151337 Sandvika+47 22 47 60 00info.ost@folkeuniversitetet.no

  • Språkkurs

    Please find our Norwegian courses and some of our English courses listed below. For other language courses, please visit the Norwegian pages of our website for more information.

  • Yrkesrettede utdanninger og kurs

     These courses will give you additional competence in your current job, or the skills and knowledge you need to find something new.All teaching is in Norwegian. Please visit the Norwegian pages of our website for more information.

  • Øst (Oslo, Bærum, Follo, Romerike og Østfold)

    Main Office:Street address: Rolf Wickstrøms vei 15, 0484 OsloPostal address:Postboks 4293 Nydalen0402 OsloTlf. +47 22 47 60 00 document.write( '' ); info.ost@folkeuniversitetet.no document.write( '' ); How to get to Rolf Wickstrøms vei 15, Nydalen

  • Norskkurs i Trøndelag og Møre og Romsdal

    Do you want to study Norwegian as a foreign language? At Folkeuniversitetet courses are offered to both groups and individuals in Norwegian as a foreign language at all levels from beginner to advanced.Course participants can choose how much they want to study and when. There are daytime and evening courses. Course participants can study intensively every day or at a slower pace if they would like to combine study with work. Folkeuniversitetet also offers companies and public administration offices tailor-made solutions that can be adjusted to their individual needs.

  • Test of Norwegian - advanced level, written

    Test of Norwegian - advanced level, is prepared and administered by Norsk språktest, a joint initiative between The University of Bergen and Folkeuniversitetet. Both the written and oral tests are held independently on different dates, three times a year.

  • Norskkurs høyere nivå

    Advanced Norwegian Courses are for those with a good level of Norwegian. Courses focus on correct, spontaneous language use, both informally and in work situations.Folkeuniversitetet is an authorised provider of Norwegian language training. Courses taken at Folkeuniversitetet are therefore approved by UDI and count towards the hours required for a residency permit.