Øst (Oslo, Bærum, Follo, Romerike and Østfold)

In 2014, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of Folkeuniversitetet Øst, originally called The Students' Organization for Free Education. While there have been major changes since 1864, the 11 000 students who annually participate in our courses and programs indicate that we are still an indispensable educational institution. We know from student feedback that we play an important role in many people's lives - whether it involves learning new languages, exploring their creativity, acquiring formal certification or pursuing a higher education.

We are there for those who need to refresh their knowledge and seek new opportunities. We are there for those who are moving towards a goal. 

Folkeuniversitetet is a nonprofit organization. All proceeds go towards developing new educational programs so that we can continue to meet our foremost goal: to make knowledge and opportunities available for everyone.

Our locations:

  • Oslo
  • Romerike
  • Follo
  • Bærum