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IELTS preparation course

This is a classroom-based IELTS preparation course with comprehensive guidance in all sections of the test as well as extensive comments and feedback on your writing and speaking skills. It offers you training in developing strategies and techniques specifically relevant to the IELTS test and English language practice at an good intermediate level, which will increase your skills and confidence.


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In this course will you learn

The main aim of the course is to equip you with skills and strategies that will help you complete the exam parts correctly and successfully.

You will practice all four language skills (writing, speaking, reading and listening) in a stimulating environment, develop your vocabulary range and consolidate your knowledge of complex grammatical structures.

You will also improve your speaking skills by improving your pronunciation, intonation, range of vocabulary and expressions. Most importantly however, you will be given lots of opportunity and quality time to practise your speaking in a safe environment with feedback to help you improve your speaking confidence, accuracy and fluency.

You will develop listening skills in predicting, listening for specific information and listening intensively, regognising text organisation and dealing with unknown words.

You will learn how to complete writing tasks successfully by improving your grammar and academic writing skills as well as expanding your vocabulary. You will learn a range of cohesive devices to produce a coherent and cohesive text.

You will learn how to approach various types of tasks in the reading task and use strategies that will help you complete the tasks.

You will also learn how the exam is assessed, and how you can ensure that you meet all the criteria.

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at students who intend to study at higher education institutions in Norway or other countries where English is the language of instruction or where English is one of the requirements for admission.

Most universities in Europe require a minimum of 6.0 overall score (This varies and can change, so please contact the relevant university department you wish to apply to, and double check the English proficiency requirements). If you need to achieve 6.0 overall, your current proficiency level needs to be B2 or a strong B1 level to be accepted for this course.

Please notice that while the course is mainly aimed at preparing for the Academic IELTS exam, students who wish to take the General English IELTS exam are encouraged to apply.  


This is a classroom-based course.

Classroom practice will consist of: completing and discussing example exam papers, practising all four skills, consolidating your knowledge of advanced grammar, expanding your range of vocabulary and discussing common mistakes.

Activities will be completed in groups, pairs and individual work. Your homework will consist of reading and writing activities, and you will be advised to do listening practice by using additional online resources. 


All our tutors are native level English speakers and highly qualified language tutors with years of experience teaching English.  


(This course does not automatically register you for the IELTS test. To find a test date or register, please visit

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