Norwegian Courses in Oslo and its vicinity

Welcome to our courses in Norwegian for speakers of other languages! After only a few courses you will find that you are able to cope in Norwegian with most of the situations you meet in your daily life.

We have various types of courses
  • Ordinary courses, 7 levels + Forberedelseskurs til
  • Courses with quick progression
    48 teaching hours (45 minutes) per course, divided
    into 4 hour classes
  • Daytime courses 4 days a week for 3 weeks,
    start at 08.45 or 12.45
  • Evening courses twice a week, Monday + Wednesday
    or Tuesday+Thursday. Start at 17.15
  • Online courses and combined online/classroom courses

- Classes have a maximum of 18 students
- The use of non-target language is kept to a minimum
- Regular homework assignments
- An integrated skills approach (speaking, writing,
listening, language focus)
- Insights into and exploration of Norwegian culture and

Participants must be familiar with the Latin alphabet.

How to apply
1: Find your level by taking a Placement Test, or see the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages .
2: Click here to see all the courses.
3: On the left hand side, you can narrow the seach result:
  • Under velg fylke, choose where you want to take the course
  • Under velg kurstype, choose daytime (kurs på dagtid) or evening courses (kurs på kveldstid)
  • Under velg fylke, choose where you want to take the course
  • Under velg oppstart, choose when you want to take the course
  • Under velg ukedag, choose which days of the week. Note: everytime you choose a filter you se the result on the right side
  • 4: From the list, choose the course you want.
    5: Click on the English flag if you want the course description in English
    6: To register, please click on the Jeg vil melde meg på / I want to register button.
    7: Complete the application by filling in your name, the date of birth and gender.
    8: Under har du vært kunde hos oss tidligere, click ja if you are a returning customer
    9: Fill in your current address. Please check the spelling.
    10: Fill in your telephone number and e-mail
    11: Click ja if you are paying with a gift card
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    14: Write in any comments you may have
    15: Read carefully through the contract on the right hand side
    16: Click betingleser to accept the terms of the contract. Please note that registration is binding.
    17: At the end, submit by pressing the send påmelding button.
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